HARARE, July 30 (NNN-NEW ZIANA) — President Robert Mugabe has slammed the on-going dismissal of workers on three months’ notice by employers and has called for an urgent amendment of Zimbabwe’s Labour Relations Act.

The Supreme Court recently ruled that employers are allowed to terminate workers’ contracts by giving them three months’ notice, following which some companies have sacked thousands of employees in moves which have shaken the labour market and the nation at large.

Addressing guests attending the Global Small to Mediums Enterprises Expo here Wednesday, President Mugabe said the Labour Relations Act was giving workers a hard time and therefore should be amended.

“Some companies are going down, some are closing operations. We are against the dismissal of workers. There may be a law which gives more power to employers, of course they own businesses. No one can dispute that if you no longer need workers, you can give them three months’ notice before terminating their contracts,” the president said.

“Sure that can never be lawful because if you have your company, yes, it’s yours and if you no longer need an employee that is okay. But the law can be dry, dry, dry, dry and to those who read books, if you read
Charles Dickens he says the law is an ass. The law is an ass because it can rule against what the people don’t like,” he said.

He said laws were made to serve the people and not the other way round. “We must obey the law, sure! But the law must serve the people. If the law is going to create problems to the people, then that law must be amended,” he added.

“So we are now going to look at the law and we don’t want the law which is an ass. The law must be amended. You don’t blame the judges because they interpret the law,” he said.

President Mugabe condemned companies for using the Supreme Court judgement to dismiss employees.
“We can’t do that to our people. Where will they go? How do they pay their bills?” he asked.

“We are looking at that situation. We are sorry that this is happening. That’s sad!”

President Mugabe said businesses should find other ways of surviving economic challenges other than by dismissing workers. “If that’s not helping, then do the right thing like sending people on paid leave until the financial situation is improved or reducing the wages. But to chase workers onto the streets, where will they go?” he asked.

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