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SEXUALLY transmitted infections are rife among vendors, accounting for 36 percent of cases recorded in Harare alone, the National AIDS Council (NAC) has said.

The council said HIVAIDS interventions needed priorities the SMEs sector which has become increasingly important with the collapse of the formal economy.

In its recent STI research (January-March) NAC recorded nearly 10,000 cases of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in Harare due to unprotected sex.

Infections were high in the capital’s Avenues area which is littered with brothels as well as high density suburbs such as Highfield and Glen Norah.

“We interviewed infected people in Harare and found that at least 36 percent of them are people in the SMEs sector,” said NAC Harare provincial Aids coordinator Adonija Muzondiona.

“Those in the sector have independence and time which exposes them to the risk of acquiring infections. You know what happens when people have some cash and time at their disposal.”

The government needed to prioritise the SMEs in AIDS programming if the country is to eliminate new HIV infections.

With companies shutting down due to an inclement economy, many have resorted to vending in order to survive.

The National Vendors Union of Zimbabwe says there are more than 200,000 vendors in Harare alone.

Source : New Zimbabwe