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TEN Zimbabwean immigrants were Friday mid-night robbed of their cell phones and cash by armed robbers while praying in the Mangomora Mountains in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The group comprised Apostolic faith members who had gone to the mountains, like they usually do, for their Friday all night prayer.

Two robbers pounced while they were changing into their church garments and ordered everyone to lie on their stomachs and close their eyes.

Dineo Geraldine Malemane who was one of the parishioners said, “I was shocked when I heard the two boys speaking in Zulu ordering us to lie down, surrender our phones and money.

“They searched each one of us and took away cell phones and money. Others had two cell phones each and all of them were taken.

“I hid mine under my armpit and they searched me but did not find it since I was lying on my stomach.

“Only two of us out of the 10 church members remained with cell phones.”

Malemane, who is from Gwanda, told NewZimbabwe.com that it was through God’s grace that she was still alive.

Her phone was not on silent and could have easily started ringing during the robbery incident leading to the robbers killing her, she said.

Malemane added, “I thank God for saving my life and will praise him all the time. I almost lost my life and was afraid that my children will be left without a mother. We were left without money and walked for an hour and arrived home around 1 am.”

Soon after the incident, Malemane said, the robbers went straight to rob another group on the same mountain, a prayer spot for different groups and churches.

The Christians however did not report the robbery to the police because then they were only thinking about their safety.

She said it was also not wise to report because they would not recognise the robbers as the incident happened at night.

Malemane said only God will “deal” with the robbers.

South Africa has one of the highest incidence of crime in the world with robberies among the most common crimes.

Source : New Zimbabwe