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At least 120 families were left homeless and are living in the open after they were evicted from Tamar Farm in Goromonzi District on Wednesday.

The families were evicted by the police and the Messenger of Court from the farm owned by Mr Tineyi Mautsa.

In an interview, Mr Danny Ticha, one of the affected people, said he had been living and working on the farm for the past 20 years and had been promised packages from the sale of farm equipment owned by the white former farmer.

“We want our packages that he owes us before we leave, said Mr Ticha.

“The former owner of this farm left machinery and irrigation pivots meant for resale and the proceeds were supposed to meet our packages.

“The equipment was sold and Mr Mautsa did not give us anything from the proceeds.”

Another disgruntled former worker said they had not received their salaries for the past eight months from Mr Mautsa.

Mr Mautsa could not be reached for comment.

Mr Zingwina, who is the deputy Sheriff for Murehwa, said the families were evicted after a default judgement passed by Justice Owen Tagu at the High Court last week.

Source : The Herald