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Fourteen arts managers and activists who took part in arts management “Train the Trainer” course were given their certificates at a colourful ceremony held on Friday night at Pakare Paye Arts Centre in Norton.

The course was made possible through the collaboration of Culture Fund, European Union and African Arts Institute.

Speaking at the handover ceremony, outgoing European Union Ambassador to Zimbabwe Mr Aldo Del l’Ariccia emphasised the importance of arts management, saying it was crucial to the recovery of the Zimbabwean economy.

“Arts management is an essential assert to the arts sector as it can help in the recovery of the economic sector of the country.

“Of interest to note is that Zimbabwe is fantastic in as far as its artistic nature, as almost everyone is very creative from the kombi drivers to the man in the streets and if that is well managed, the arts sector can contribute positively to the recovery of the economy,” he said.

Culture Fund director Farai Mpfunya echoed the same sentiments, saying the training was to make sure that the management aspect of the arts was fully equipped so that the arts can also participate in the economic recovery of the country.

“We understand that the type of arts we have today has differed from how it has been in the old days as now the management of it plays a very critical role in the development of the sector and generally its survival.

“As such the training of trainers comes critically relevant as these individuals here will not only be able to use the knowledge they have gathered here but also be able to pass on the knowledge to others.

“The arts play a critical role in society but that has to be integrated into all other spheres such as politics, economics as well as the legal aspects and these leaders here have been equipped with such relevant and practical knowledge and we hope they will be able to use the knowledge bestowed upon them for the development of the arts,” he said.

The event was graced by the presence of the outgoing EU ambassador Aldo Del l’Ariccia, together with his delegation, Culture Fund director Farai Mpfunya, National Arts Council director Elvas Mare and his contingent, African Arts Institute general manager Belissa Rodrigues and host superstar Oliver Mtukudzi, among others.

The 14 students who undertook the course are Dudu Manhenga, Enock Kolimbo, Mgcini Nyoni, Mthabisi Phiri, Chipo Basopo, Nocks Chatiza, Beaven Tapureta, Christopher Timbe, Tapfuma Gutsa, William Ndinde, Chido Musasiwa Gutu, Tariro neGitare, Ignatius Mabasa and Tafanana Chirikumora.

Source : The Herald