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It has been quite an eventful year for Zim dancehall as the genre enjoyed unprecedented growth and massive popularity. And to cap it all, some of the heavy hitters of Zim dancehall are set to serenade revellers on New Year’s Eve with a non-stop gig scheduled for Takashinga Cricket Ground in Highfield.

On the bill are Seh Calaz and his arch rival Soul Jah Love, Killer T, Freeman, Terminator and Kinnah.

Also expected to rev up the audiences are the likes of Cello Culture, Magikal, Tipsy (Mubhanditi), Jah Child, DJ Cables, Black Spider and Swag Bakers.

The gig is scheduled to start at 12 noon and run until the late hours of the morning in 2015.

Seh Calaz, who was a hit at the recently held Star FM’s Zim Dancehall Remedy anniversary held at the Exhibition Park, is likely to repeat that sterling performance considering that he takes himself seriously.

He has plenty of hits to his credit and is not afraid to challenge any contenders. What is known about Seh Calaz is that he has a powerful voice.

However, he enjoys poking fun at his contemporaries such that when it comes to battling his opponents tremble with fear.

Often known as Mabhanditi boss, the foul-mouthed chanter will be up again to face his competition in Soul Jah Love, who again commands a huge following in the ghetto.

But Soul Jah Love is no pushover.

In fact, whenever he shares the stage with Seh Calaz, fireworks are expected.

Backed by the Conquering Family alongside his sweetheart Bounty Lisa and Ipah Yout, the “Hauite Hauite” singer makes no apology for being rated as one of the best in the genre.

Almost always he delivers the best tunes on any riddim and his lyrical prowess knows no boundaries. Most of his hit songs are imaginative pieces of art which partly addresses his shortcomings as he grew up.

Some of the songs that will make you stop and think include “Handichabatika”, “Zimbabwe” and “Ndini Uya Uya”, in which he narrates his life in the streets, how he was condemned and dejected as a child. These stories about his life make you believe that there is God above.

And more often than not, he gives thanks to the Almighty Lord for turning his life for the better through the gift of music.

Another heavy contender is Kinnah. He does not “beef” with anyone but when it comes to delivery on stage he leaves no stone unturned.

Kinnah makes it a point that he thrills the audiences and wastes no time on stage. Most people know him as a humble artiste.

The Terminator is no newcomer when it comes to staging lively performances. Always on point, the Terminator, sometimes effortlessly delivers and the crowd just loves it when they sing along to his tunes. He also has great stage presence and an enchanting voice.

Freeman, who is arguably the best dressed Zim dancehall artiste, is a firebrand on stage. He charms the ladies with not only his attire but he is a total knock-out.

The “HKD” boss has plenty of tactics up his sleeves and when he takes to the stage fans are assured of a standout performance.

What would be New Year’s Eve countdown without Killer T aka the “Chairman”?.

Born Kelvin Kusikwenyu, Killer T is on record for his slamming factionalism or is it groups within Zim dancehall.

“Hezvo . . . isu hatiite zvemagroups” is his most oft-quoted chant.

He gave a magical performance at Sting 2014 and was the only artiste who performed outside the cage without being bottled by rowdy fans. Most of his songs are hit songs and up to now a lot of people rate him highly.

Jacqui Dzapata of Chipaz Promotions who are putting the show together, said there should not be any rain fears among showgoers. “It is going to be a massive show because we have improved on almost everything from security to the stage and to the venue. We have erected a big tent should there be any rain fears,” he said.

Source : The Herald