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It was an emotional afternoon as Ms Portia Tapfumanei, the Highfield woman, who was operated on recently and had 25 kilogrammes of mass removed from her tummy, was discharged from Chitungwiza Central Hospital last Friday.Ms Tapfumanei (35) did not only get relief from the problem, but her husband Mr Wellington Jambwa, who had abandoned her because of her condition known as lymphosarcoma in medical terms, said he was seriously considering a reunion.

Mr Jambwa’s brother Amon, who was speaking on his behalf, said they were looking forward to the two getting together.

“We are happy that we can now come to your home and talk to you so that we have our wife,” said Amon, while addressing the in-laws.

Mr Jambwa was said to have been visiting his wife in hospital after the operation.

Ms Tapfumanei’s neighbours, Mr Charles Chikosha and Mrs Constance Guyo, who approached the media over her condition, said they never thought it could be medically treated.

“When we went to the newspapers we were actually thinking of traditional or spiritual assistance to end Portia’s misery,” said Mr Chikosha.

Ms Tapfumanei’s paternal grandmother — Mrs Keresenzia Mukambisa, who stayed with her after she was abandoned by her husband, was jubilant as she received her granddaughter home.

Source : The Herald