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OVER 4 200 suspects have been arrested during the last three months for stocktheft and related crimes countrywide. During that period, police arrested 240 suspects specifically for cattle rustling while 4 026 face stocktheft-related charges.

Police Anti-Stock Theft Unit national co-ordinator Senior Assistant Commissioner Bernard said the arrests were made between January and March this year.

“We also received 934 cases that were recorded and the number of cattle stolen was 1 944, countrywide,” he said.

He said of the 1 944 stolen cattle, they managed to recover 901.

During the same period last year, police recorded 1 393 cases with 3 267 cattle stolen.

Snr Asst Comm Dumbura said there were also conducting two operations code-named, “No to livestock straying on the highwaysKwete mombe kumigwagwa” and “Nyama Yabvepi Number 15”.

He said on operation “No to livestock straying on the highwaysKwete mombe kumigwagwa”, they had so far arrested and fined 692 farmers countrywide.

He said they were also conducting awareness campaigns in which they had reached 21 050 farmers and 14 200 motorists.

“The operation is ongoing and we are urging farmers not to leave their cattle straying along the highways since they have attributed to accidents and in most cases lives have been lost,” Snr Asst Comm Dumbura said.

He said during the Independence and Easter holidays, they launched operation “Nyama Yabvepi Number 15” to curb stocktheft.

During the operation, 25 suspects were arrested for stocktheft while 278 others for stocktheft related cases.

A total 39 cattle were recovered while 30 butcheries, 24 food outlets and one abattoir were closed during the operation for violating the law.

Last year, more than 10 600 cattle were stolen countrywide while 12 084 suspects were arrested for stock theft.

According to the police figures, 4 616 cases of stocktheft were recorded last year and police managed to recover 4 953 head of cattle.

Source : The Herald