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SEVEN talented Zimbabwean junior motocross riders are set to be the beneficiaries of a sponsorship package that will see them training and racing in Germany next year. The seven riders – Daiyaan Manuel, Kuda Mhene (Jnr), Big “BJ” Chitima (Jnr), Ryan Masimo, Davin Cocker, Ricky Whyte and Lee Chigumba (Jnr) – were hand-picked by German-based sports foundation GeBe Education and Sports Foundation after impressing with their exceptional motorcycling riding skills on the track this year.

The invitation will cover their racing and further training for free at a club of their choice from the three available next year in April.

The GeBe Foundation is a non-profit organisation from Germany who partner with other organisations to support education, sport, culture and social development in disaantaged communities. They also facilitate tours, events, education and sports development programmes meant to enhance, empower and assist in youth development.

As part of the package the young Zimbabwean racers will enjoy free residence in Germany and free lessons with professional instructors while arrangements for affordable accommodation, meals and transport will be availed to the travelling parents and team officials. The young daredevils will also get expert aice from top German motocross trainers working under AMC Zirndorf motorsport club in Bavaria.

The riders will be spoilt for choice between AMC Zirndorf Motorsport Club located in South Germany, Motorsport Club Kiedrowski Racing which is north of Hamburg, and MSC Motorsport Club Ruegen in island of Ruegen north of Berlin.

Bernd Wulffen, the director of the GeBe Foundation, said the seven young Zimbabwean riders were most likely to be attached to MSC Ruegen. MSC Ruegen are based at a beautiful island in the north east of Germany.

Wulffen said that everything will be provided for free for the riders and this includes bikes, food and accommodation during their stay in Germany, and their parents only need to raise the airfares and pay licence fees of 230 euros for each rider as required by the German motocross clubs.

The GeBe Foundation have also engaged the Zimbabwe Handball Federation for a similar exercise which will see Zimbabwean players and officials going to Germany for further training and attachments with different clubs there.Mashrhino, a junior handball select side from Mashonaland West, will be among the first beneficiaries of this development “project” between the GeBe Foundation and the ZHF, as they (Mashrhino) have already been invited by the foundation to tour Germany in April next year.

This came after the Mashonaland West Handball Association successfully managed to send the Mashrhino teams to the past three editions of the Partille Cup in Gothenburg, Sweden, in 2012, 2013 and 2014.

Source : The Herald