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Organisers of the Miss World Zimbabwe (formerly Miss Zimbabwe) are set to make history on the local modelling scene when they enrol 91 models for their 2015 boot camp that is scheduled to take place in Harare for a month starting April 2. The girls will enter the boot camp as “Miss World Zim delegates” and 25 will make it to the pageant’s final to be held on April 25 at Mermaid’s Pool in Shamva.

In an interview with The Herald Entertainment, Tendai Chirau – pageant programmes and communications manager – said 91 models from different provinces will be in the boot camp.

“We are happy that we have concluded the auditions and provinces are fully represented. I can confirm that 91 girls are going for the boot camp somewhere in Harare but we can’t disclose the venue. It should be a girls’ affair and private, so we need to protect them,” he said.

He said the list also includes models from abroad.

“Of the 91, Bulawayo had the highest number of qualifiers from the auditions with 32 aspirants, followed by Harare with 26 with the other provinces provoding the remainder. We also have six girls from the Diaspora in countries like India, South Africa and USA who met our criteria and conditions on our website after applying,” he said.

Asked, how they will manage such a huge number at bootcamp, Chirau said the concept is not new by international standards.

“This is not a new phenomenon as some might want to think. In fact, if you check how our neighbouring countries conduct such pageants, it is almost the same. South Africa does auditions and cast with a huge number up until they have the best from the rest. We also saw the importance of accommodating many ladies in order to have the best beauty queen who will meet the world standards.

“This is the best process so far, screening the girls at the boot camp,” he explained.

Chirau said the girls will be under the supervision of the pageant’s chairperson, Mrs Marry Chiwenga.

“During their stay, the models will be under instructions, doing routines, grooming and deportment among other things and we are happy that we have several key personalities who will assist in such exercises. Our chairperson, Mrs Chiwenga, will also use her expertise in the process and those who fail will be booted out. Only 25 models will compete for the coveted title of Miss World Zimbabwe 2015,” he said.

He said the remaining 25 will later be taken to a five-star hotel two weeks before the pageant where they will also undergo additional routines before walking on the ramp.

Chirau called for sponsors to come on board so as to help promote beauty and culture in the country.

This year’s edition is running under the theme ‘Probity’, which the organisers said is more to do with high integrity, high morals and high values.

The finale will be screened live on ZBCTV, Chirau said.

Source : The Herald