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Township love rhythms fans are in for a treat tonight at Misty’s at Newlands Shopping Centre where Tanga Wekwa Sando is expected to sample songs from his upcoming album titled “Katsindi”.

The long awaited album launch will see the veteran singer, guitarist and trombonist going down the memory lane from the days of “Mahobho” and “Stokononzi” to the recent hits such as “Wake”, “Paida Moyo” and “Buhera”.

This would be his first live show after a sabbatical which saw him record his comeback album “Katsindi” featuring a collaborative single called “Love Aziko” with one of the pioneering urban grooves outfits – Extra Large.

Tanga has proved to all and sundry that he is still at the top of his game with an album that feels a lot like the Tanga Wekwa Sando of old.

It might sound like a clicheacute but the truth is Tanga is maturing with age like wine and still heavy in the game.

Those who are going to turn up at Misty’s will not be disappointed as the grand-dad of township music takes to the stage.

Production-wise, the album is groovy just the way township music fans like it.

By the way you can expect surprises from an artiste whose versatility is as varied as Tanga, who draws influences from funk, afro-jazz, rock, soul and what have you. Like one critic said: “Tanga’s music exudes such power and beauty that invokes in Zimbabweans a sense of pride and belonging.”

Extra Large, who provide vocals on “Love Aziko”, did well as for the first time they sang not just from the top of their voices but according to the notes.

For once, Tanga taught the young generation how to make music changing from low to high notes.

“Love Aziko” simply put means the love is no more. When two people stop seeing each other, stop calling each other or stop everything they used to do one of them is bound to conclude that love no longer exists.

“Katsindi” is a superb love track which is already making waves on most radio stations across Zimbabwe. It’s a feel-good track with an addictive chorus and boy oh boy, you got to listen to it. If you have not liked Tanga before it’s about time you ask yourself why?

Besides singing township love songs, Tanga is also a social commentator having released such hits as “Torai”, which talks about the land reform and “MaNetwork”, where he criticises the poor services by telecommunication companies, he also sings about people and social issues.

He is also passionate about the African renaissance and the emancipation of Africans from colonial mentality.

Source : The Herald