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WE are in a unique and different season a season not to be missed. God is doing a new and a great thing in his body, the Church. It’s not a season to slumber, relax or get used to things which are not a part of the kingdom, like sickness, disease and infirmity of which some of the sicknesses entail spiritual dryness, lacking the anointing and spiritual equipment in one’s life.

I have a good word for you this is a new season, a season not to be missed. You were not meant to be like a big toothless bulldog which growls and barks but can’t do anything – there are no more teeth in the mouth. But it will not be so anymore a great anointing and move of God is about to be witnessed and experienced in your life in this season – a season not to be missed.

“To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven… “(Ecclesiastes 3:1). Life is controlled by seasons. Seasons come and seasons go! If you have been in a terrible condition in your life for the past 10 years, don’t think that it will remain like that.

No matter the number of years, it’s not your disease it’s the devil’s. And you should also never allow anyone to make you believe that, with that TB, that cancer, those fibroids, piles and high blood pressure you are suffering for Jesus, No, no, no.

Sickness is not a part of the kingdom of God! It’s foreign. The devil is the one who authors sicknesses and diseases. You are suffering because of the enemy who came to steal, to kill and to destroy (John 10:10).

God never causes or inflicts with sickness and disease it’s just that when you miss His Word you expose yourself to attacks of the devil and the hedge of divine protection breaks down. Fear broke the hedge in Job’s life what he feared most befell him.

God is a good God. Friend, the message we carry is a message of healing and deliverance! It’s a message of life, progress and prosperity. It’s a good message and a good season, a season to be whole.

I have also discovered that almost 90 percent of the Church is in one sort or form of bondage to another. Many are singing yet somehow bound by the enemy. During break time you see people rush out, and it’s assumed they are just refreshing a bit, yet No, they are rushing to take a few tablets then they rush back to continue singing.

Friends no, no, no the Church is more than that. The Church is alive and powerful! Its owner declares that by his stripes we were healed! That’s the season we are in a season of healing, equipment and anointing! O hallelujah, it’s a new season, it’s a new era, it’s a new day it’s a new time! Healing is yours in Jesus name!

In the season we are in, you need to gly resist the enemy and his inflictions. Do you know why? Some of the inflictions are not natural inflictions they have a demonic influence. Ah am I possessed Bishop? No, you are not, but you are oppressed!

The devil may not be in you but sits on you and causes you to suffer in your health, sleep, finances, marriage and other aspects of your life. Reader, hear me today enough is enough in your life. We want to agree that you be well and whole in Jesus name. You must be healed of the Lord.

Get this also, that, not only should you be healed, no, you should also be equipped spiritually. Ever seen a very skilful mechanic but with no toolbox? He is as good as an ordinary person who knows nothing about mechanics.

He can do nothing without his spanners. So is it in the Christian walk, you can be a good Christian but with no spiritual equipment you are handicapped! No, no, no. Be equipped today, in the name of Jesus. The supernatural power of God equip your life today.

Don’t just have the power of God touch and slain you in church, No, also crave to take the same power back home with you. The same power that raised Jesus Christ from the dead should work and operate in all of your life’s situations. It can touch your children, your spouse and even your CVs.

He is a God that gives favour. We are in a season of great favour – a season not to be missed at all. Favour will follow you at your workplace, in your house, in your projects and wherever you will go and in whatever you will set your hand to do (Psalm 1:3). O hallelujah!

Take heed also the season we are in, is a season of vision. Like Jerusalem, I implore you to be alert and not to miss the hour of your visitation! It’s an hour of a breakthrough, an hour of visitation!

You are about to see and experience things that you have never seen before. If sick you are being healed, if broken down, God is beginning to build you up gifts and ministries are being rekindled, stirred and set on fire again!

It’s a season where you can actually see and experience the glory of heaven. Friend your life will never be the same again in this season! O hallelujah, I’m excited, I’m excited!

Exactly one week ago, during our powerful annual Dunamis Easter Conference I announced that it was a night of vision and admonished all not to miss it or talk a lot after the evening service because visitors (angels) were all over the camp.

Some thought haa that’s how preachers always speak, we are used to hear it. Friend, get this secret for life never get used to God. It’s dangerous you miss out on a lot of things! Stay vigilant and sober, it’s not the everyday season, it’s a powerful unique season not to be missed.

And, surely, the visitors I had spoken of were seen in the camp by all who were present soon after the service. First, it was the lady who helped carry my wife’s bags to the car. She met them outside and could not walk back into the church. Immediately all that tried to leave the church to go and sleep, met them outside the church building!

All witnessed the supernatural power and glory of heaven the visitors were all over the yard and the sick were healed on their own miraculously by the heavy presence of God.

Even little children saw the angelic beings including non-believers who were offering services like security, catering and cleaning during the Dunamis Conference! They were all crying saying surely God is real we never knew or saw this!

We were told long after we had gone and left the service with my wife that that many had remained in church and all over church grounds up to early hours of morning – due to the heavy cloud of God’s presence (2 Chronicles 5:14).

It’s another season, a unique season. I encourage you today, no matter what you are going through, no matter what they told you, no matter how much pain you are feeling right now – a new season has come.

The atmosphere is good for you to receive from God. The cry of my heart is to hear footsteps of men and women contending for the supernatural things of God to hear footsteps of men and women – giants of faith who pressing for the things of God and taking a folded anointing to the next generation.

This is the time this is the article for you these are the days. Take it in Jesus, name! For with God all things are possible (Mark 10:27).

Source : The Herald