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Journalist turned activist Itai Dzamara has lured youths from all political parties in Zimbabwe to join his anti-Mugabe crusade which has often resulted in clashes with police.

Youths from the national students movement, Zinasu and the three MDC factions, among others, met in Harare last weekend to chorus their affirmation for the ‘Mugabe must go’ slogan under their new National Youth Alliance for Action.

The anti-Mugabe campaign was started last October by Dzamara and a few other individuals under his Occupy Africa Unity Square campaign.

A few months down the line, the journalist has found company among young but militant politicians from opposition political parties.

Addressing journalists during a press briefing held at the weekend by the group, current Zinasu president Gilbert Mutubuki, who is chairing the alliance, vowed the group would force Mugabe to surrender power, accusing him of running down the once prosperous country.

The youth leader said President Mugabe would better expend his energies in planning his retirement as opposed to his 91st birthday bash.

“I don’t think this alliance will let Robert Mugabe continue ruling this country until 2018,” Mutubuki said at a press conference convened by the group.

“We will take action, we will mobilise and as students and political parties that have joined this alliance we are ready to remove Mugabe through constitutional means. This is an opportunity to take action.”

Other parties and organisations forming the youth group are the Harare Residents’ Trust, Dr Simba Makoni’s MavamboKusileDawn, Dumiso Dabengwa’s Zapu Progressive Democrats of Zimbabwe, and the little known Gunga as well as the late Bishop Abel Muzorewa’s ANC.

Also joining the anti-Mugabe group is the Coalition for Mining Communities.

Dzamara, who chairs the group, said his alliance with the youths was not intended at an violent overthrow of President Mugabe.

“We do not seek to cause war in Zimbabwe, we do not seek to cause chaos, we do not seek to kill people but we seek to exercise our constitutional rights for a better Zimbabwe in all the multi-faceted areas and fronts,” he said, during the briefing.

Police have often responded violently to past campaigns by Dzamara and his group, at one time inflicting serious injuries on the journalist who was later hospitalised after the incident.

President Mugabe has often vowed he will see off his current term as Zimbabwean leader, accusing those seeking his removal from office as agents of the enemy.

Source : New Zimbabwe