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Farmers should add value to their crops before marketing them to ensure they reap maximum benefits from their sweat, Minister of State for Mashonaland Central Provincial Affairs, Aocate Martin Dinha has said.

Officiating at a field day at Veil Farm, owned by Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services Commissioner General Paradzai Zimondi in Bindura South, Aocate Dinha said people should not always talk about Zim-Asset, but put its dictates into practice.

He said farmers would do that through increased food production.

“Our task as farmers is to reduce hunger as outlined in the Zim-Asset. We have the land and we should implement the Zim-Asset by fully utilising land to produce food and add value to the produce.

“It is good to grow cash crops such as tobacco as they are highly paying, but we should also produce food crops to reduce hunger,” he said.

Aocate Dinha applauded farmers in Mashonaland Central for excelling in maize and soyabeans production for the past three years.

He said Comm-Gen Zimondi had set an example to the nation as he was making full use of his 400 hectares of arable land.

“He is now the commander of economic resuscitation. We may be politically independent but if we do not control the economy we are not yet free,” he said.

Bindura South Member of Parliament Cde Remigio Matangira, said the production levels at Comm Gen Zimondi’s farm were evidence of the importance of the liberation struggle and the land reform.

“With such high levels of production, the land reform becomes tangible.

“We should not always talk of the land reform but show the fruits.

“We have seen value addition at its best and the same should be taking place to the farmers in the communal areas.

“Youths should emulate such good works and start income generating projects such as fish farming,” he said.

Veil Farm, which is under the management of Comm Gen Zimondi’s son, Tafadzwa produces maize, soya beans, cowpeas, potatoes, tomatoes and cabbages and garlic among other cash crops.

The farmer also produces fish, ducks, geese, pigs and chickens.

The soyabeans produced at the farm also goes towards stockfeeds.

Mr Zimondi pledged to assist youths in fish farming and provision of fish lings.

“We cannot compare with other regional farmers since their inputs are subsidised. This is the reason why some manufacturers and processors prefer to import agricultural produce than buy locally,” he said.

Source : The Herald