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What an eventful year it has been! We came across some exciting, heartbreaking and inspiring moments but now it’s time to wrap up 2014 and embrace a fresh new 2015. As we all remember, it was an eventful year and some of them, if given the chance, we would have loved to re-live them, others however are not even worth remembering.

To start with, the City of Harare was abuzz with the annual Carnival Festival that encompassed a series of events and festivities, aancing the arts, culture and heritage of Zimbabwe as well as uniting the nation. People from all walks of life thronged the streets of Harare.

Fashion lovers were also given a treat at the Zim Fashion Weekend which saw different designers and models showcasing their talents.

Another colourful event worth remembering was the Zim Colour Run. We saw people from all walks of life rocking the Borrowdale Race Course in a fun filled event.

We also managed to meet some weird people like the gest men competition where a man whose teeth were so g that he could lift a person without using his hands.

Another person who also surprised us this year was the reigning Mr Zimbabwe body building champion, who said he ate food enough to feed about six people in one morning.

The Harare International Festival of Arts also left a mark in the year. We saw exhibitors from different parts of the world showcasing their products at the fun filled event.

Of course we cannot just end the year without remembering the most talked about event of the year, Big Brother Hotshots. It was filled with lots of criticisms for the two participants, Butterphly and JJ who managed to reach the finals of the show.

However, none of them managed to bring the prize money home.

Let us also not forget the Midlands State University student, Cynthia Musingwanani who was fortunate enough to scoop a brand new Range Rover Evoque valued at $100 000 in the Spar competition.

Chinese food lovers will also remember 2014 as the year they were given a treat of the Chinese cuisine at the Chinese Food Festival held at Longcheng Plaza. The food festival was the first ever to be held in Zimbabwe.

Most people were also mesmerised by the two ZRP twin police officers who tied the knot on the same day with different men. They managed to prove that twins are inseparable and they even wore the same gowns and every other wedding detail.

Still on the issue of marriage, a 100-year-old man from Chihota showed off his love with his wife of 71 years by renewing their wedding vows and we were all touched.

We can go and on but all we wanted to prove was that 2014 was surely an eventful year which is worth remembering. We look forward to another great new year and we hope that all the challenges we faced in 2014 stay in 2014!

Source : The Herald