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Sabastian Magacha’s new band, African Praise, has released four singles pending an album before the end of the month. Two of the singles, “Rovambira” featuring ZCC Mbungo Stars and “Kwekuturira,” a rendition of Leonard Zhakata’s “Gomba Remarara” are already enjoying considerable airplay.

The other two jams are “Hande “a dancehall tune by Magacha’s young brother, Tinashe, and a worship medley entitled “I Love You Jesus.”

Magacha told The Herald Entertainment that the band is a mega praise concept where artists of different nationalities worship God as one group.

The group’s membership is culled from different African countries including DRC, Zambia, Malawi, Nigeria and Kenya.

“Africa Praise is a new concept in local gospel music. After the years of experience I have acquired in the industry I decided to do something different,” said Magacha.

“We are charting a different route with a new sound which is proudly African. I nursed this dream from 2010 and shared it with my producers Mac Dee and Joseph Madziyire who were both supportive.

“The group is out to celebrate God, through the medium of native languages – local and regional. Some of the tracks we are working on are in Kalanga, Ndebele, Nambya and Shona and languages from beyond our borders.

“We are a cosmopolitan band. Although we are identifiable by a specific sound we are not limited in terms of genre.

“We want to streamline our different cultures into our common mandate to worship God. The group is barely two months old but we have already made headway by special grace,” Magacha said.

The “Ridza Bosvo” hitmaker said the group has mouth-watering projects in the basket including a tour of Australia, the United States and Canada from July to September after which they will record their inaugural live D at 7 Arts Theatre.

“Rovambira” is a theologically sound jam which points out that the church is supposed to be a cave to shelter for the troubled, but materialism in the church is now like a resident cobra waiting to bite new congregants and poison their hearts. It is a combination which fuses kanindo, sungura and rhumba, underscoring the group’s cosmopolitan influences.

“Kwekuturira,” which also features Zhakata, retains the message of the original composition spiced up by Magacha’s add-ons, while the sound is laid-back, worship-mode.

Source : The Herald