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Road funds from across the African continent have commended the tolling model used in Zimbabwe as the most ideal and sustainable for funding road maintenance.

Chief executives of road funds from 32 African countries are in Zimbabwe for the Africa Road Maintenance Funds Association (ARMFA) 13th annual general meeting in Victoria Falls.

The executives yesterday toured the Zimbabwe National Roads Administration call centre facility in Harare and the Norton toll plaza.

In an interview, ARMFA president Dr Anthony Mwanaumo said they had a lot to learn from the Zinara toll plaza model and the state-of-the-art call centre.

“This gives us a great opportunity to see the Zinara model, how they have been able to develop from humble beginnings to where they are now. I think the lesson learnt is that you can start small,” he said.

Zinara acting chief executive Engineer Moses Julius Juma said of the 26 toll plazas in the country, 17 had been computerised.

“The computerisation process has helped with compliance of motorists,” he said.

“The computerisation process has also seen an increase in revenue collection.”

Zinara board chairperson Mr Albert Mugabe said for a decade Zimbabwe had been under sanctions imposed by the West.

“We, as Zimbabweans, had to rely on other African countries. It was you that sustained Zimbabwe when we were under hardships because of the sanctions,” he said.

A total of 32 countries out of 34 whose road funds make up ARMFA are being represented at the annual general meeting.

ARMFA which is running under the theme, “The role of Road Funds in Socio-Economic Development”, started on Monday and is expected to end today.

Source : The Herald