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The African Women Association, an organisation that seeks to promote and empower women, last weekend launched the inaugural “African Women Awards” (AWA) at Alo Alo Restaurant at Arundel Village, Mount Pleasant.

The awards seek to honour women who have made giant strides in projecting a positive picture as well as telling the true story of the African continent at large through their work from the arts to business.

The awards are the brainchild of Lisa Chiriseri and Carol Nyazika, who highlighted that there is need to appreciate and promote the African women on a global platform.

Chiriseri said women can develop the world with their skills as artistes if given a chance.

“The African Women Awards launch falls under the African Women Association.

“The awards aim to create a fresh brand of African women role models that will inspire the younger generation and eradicate the misconceptions around the negativity and stereotypes on women,” she said.

Chiriseri said preparing and positioning women for leadership, improving access to opportunities and resources, valuing women and prioritising gender equality is critical to realising the developmental dreams of our country.

“African Women Awards aspire to create the right conditions for the emergency of new African women who can stand up to the challenges of a modern world without diminishing the tenets of African values.

“The African Women Awards represent the beginning of a new era for young African women who can walk tall and defend their Africanity anywhere in the world,” she said.

Chiriseri said the awards would also enhance the entrepreneurial opportunities for women, be it in the arts, cultural, social or economic sectors.

She said these are women who would have contributed immensely in repositioning the country and the continent through the appropriate retelling of the African history as well as the promotion of its heritage.

“We are convinced that there are many young African women who have made a huge contribution to the development of a positive image of Africa through their work, activities and business. These are people who are committed to the teaching and promotion of African history and heritage and where possible to rewrite our history, tell our own story as African women and to educate the world on Africa as seen by its own people and not the now proverbial stories on poverty, war, corruption and disease.

“AWA intend to create and build a sustainable relationship, with all the stakeholders and in particular business for the purpose of enhancing entrepreneurial opportunities for women across all sectors of socio-economic and cultural dimensions for the development of Africa,” she said.

Nyazika added that there will be nomination criteria at the launch during which members of the public – with support from players in the sectors of business, academia, the Press and prominent personalities – will nominate candidates of their choice.

“One of the major highlights of the meeting is to formally invite the public to participate in the nominations of the deserving candidates. Nominations are already open and people can start submitting their list from entertainment and arts, business and enterprise, community and politics,” she said.

International acts are expected to perform on the night with some African women celebrities gracing the oc- casion.

Kiki Divaris is the patron of the AWA while Fly Africa and Cyrex Business are some of the official sponsors.

Source : The Herald