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Four Air Force of Zimbabwe officers and two from the Namibian Air Force, were yesterday awarded certificates after successfully completing a flying instructors course to equip them with knowledge of aircraft systems. The flying instructors course number 61 started in February this year with six officers undergoing training at Thornhill Air Force Base. Speaking at the graduation ceremony in Harare yesterday, Air Marshal Perrance Shiri, said the course was important in the passing on of skills acquired by other senior members of the force to junior officers.

“The completion of this flying instructors course is important in that it ensures the regeneration of the Air Force of Zimbabwe and the passing on of valuable skills acquired over the years,” he said.

Air Marshal Shiri said the course was designed and divided into phases to ensure that the officers were successfully trained to meet modern requirements and challenges.

“The course was broken down into three phases. In the first phase, the students covered ground lessons, which were designed to equip them with in-depth knowledge of the SF-260 Aircraft systems and other aviation related subjects, which included principles of flight, meteorology, aviation medicine, flight safety and instructional techniques.

“The second phase comprised of conversion flying training on the SF-260 basic trainer. It ensures that they improve aircraft handling skills, emergency procedures as well as boosting their confidence,” he said.

“The third phase involved instructional practice, both on ground and in the air.”

Air Marshal Shiri said the course also equipped graduates with general aircraft handling, stalling, spinning, instrument flying, formation flying, aerobatics, night flying among others.

He also commended the Namibia-Zimbabwe relations saying that it was a clear demonstration of cooperation and interoperability among regional forces.

Source : The Herald