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My name is Anotida “Arnold” Chilunda. I am 12 year-old boy who was born and grew up in Harare. My passion for rugby came when I was 8 after seeing my mother and brother officiating some of the matches at the Cottco Rugby Festival. When my mother saw that I had some interest in the business, she began to teach me the rules of the game.

It is like something that runs in the family blood, I have been a rugby player once, I played as a centre half at my school (Herentals Primary in Tynwald) but stopped after my mother insisted on me refereeing. Rugby has always been my sport.

I joined the society sometime last year out of my own initiative. I was just trying my luck never really assuming that they would take me on board as I thought they would not accept me. To my surprise and great delight I was registered and assigned under the guidance of veteran Dave Mathews.

The schools rugby festival is my first assignment since I joined the society. I have waited for this opportunity for a long time and now it is here, I am doing what I like the most.

I can safely say the match between Glen View 2 and Kuwadzana got me excited for my job, it was full of pace, less tackles and I made most of the important decisions that my guardian referee Dave nodded to. I am now looking forward to the next assignment.

I had everything under control in there, with Dave by my side because it is still my early days but I was calling all the shots.

The one thing that got me going well with the boys was their discipline so I was respected, never mind my rather limited height. Rugby has the best disciplined players who respect authority regardless of size.

I have the best mum in the world, she is the one behind most of my successes because she cares a lot about me. She makes sure that when it is school time I do my homework. There is no slacking on her watch and she sometimes helps me when I need it. I have training during weekends and holidays when I have less pressure, like this festival, I have been in camp with the other officials. We have prepared fairly enough for the festivities.

Written from interview carried out by Mathew Masinge, Cool Lifestyle writer.

Source : The Herald