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PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe has become a danger to the country because he is too old to think about the country’s future, MDC-Renewal spokesperson Jacob Mafume said Thursday.

Mafume told a Mass Public Opinion Institute discussion in Harare titled “Is Zimbabwe sliding back to 2008” that President Mugabe has become a danger to the country because “he does not care about the future anymore”.

“The tragedy our country is facing is the danger of being led by an old man. There is nothing as dangerous as an old man because he does not think about the future.

“At 91 he has had enough of life hence we need to renew our leadership, our institutions and put in you people who still have a future to care about,” said Mafume.

He said indications on the ground pointed to Zimbabwe sliding into a cycle of poverty worse than what was witnessed during the hyper-inflationary era.

“The industrial hemorrhage we have seen, the loss of jobs, growing repression, violence and massive job losses point to nothing less than an implosion.

“This country needs new characters at the wheel that this group of old people with no clue as to where this country must go,” Mafume said.

Independent economist Godfrey Kanyenze concurred with Mafume arguing that “old people cannot reform”.

“They cannot plan beyond even two years, so we cannot place our future in their hands. The best they can plan is from day to day. They plan for the immediate because they do not know.

“Even our best friends the Chinese cannot lend us money because they do not know what will happen tomorrow. The uncertainty is what has exacerbated the demise of this economy,” said Kanyenze.

Mugabe who turned 91 last month has been in power for over 35 years and his former guerrilla movement Zanu PF has already indicated that he will be the party’s candidate in the 2018 elections at the ripe-old age of 94.

Source : New Zimbabwe