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ZIMBABWE is due for change and a new direction, as the Zanu PF brand of politics has failed to save the country from its plethora of challenges, the opposition Zimbabweans United for Democracy (ZUNDE) has posited.

The fledgling political movement has heaped all the blame for the country’s problems on President Robert Mugabe’s rule, noting that it was time Zanu PF passed the baton to other democratic forces to take the country forward.

In its 2015 messages to Zimbabweans, ZUNDE urged Zimbabweans to work together to build a prosperous nation.

“Together, we shall achieve our common objective to free ourselves and transform ours into a prosperous nation,” said Moses Chamboko, the party’s secretary for information and publicity.

“We gly believe that it is now time for a different and new generation to take our potentially great nation forward. We can’t continue to dwell in the past. Doing the same thing expecting different results is bizarre.”

Chamboko said that the country needed a new brand of politics anchored on values, sacrifice and service.

“We are unwavering in our condemnation of corruption, misgovernance, lawlessness, looting of national resources and elevation of mortal beings to immortal chefs.

“We stand ready to extricate our beloved country from the precipice through our recently- adopted socio-economic agenda – RISE (Revive our economy, Inspire our people, Sustain our democracy and Enrich our nation).

“This is an agenda that will be underpinned by our values of Fairness, Accountability, Inclusiveness and Respect (FAIR) as opposed to ZimASSET that has already suffered stillbirth,” he said.

Chamboko also took a dig at the country’s presidium, describing Mugabe as the “old and tired pilot fast asleep in the cockpit” and blundering Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko as a “disgrace”.

“Despite the increasing hardships, Vice President Mphoko even has the audacity to say that only the disabled must be selling tomatoes on the streets. He conveniently and foolishly forgets that ZANU PF has literally disabled the entire nation.

“His mumbo jumbo and claptrap about Gukurahundi is not worth discussing. The man is simply a disgrace. Such is the quality of leadership ZANU PF would rather have!” said Chamboko.

The opposition party also attacked local government bosses for enriching themselves at the expense of service delivery.

“While service delivery crumples, local government bosses continue to pay themselves filthy salaries. Instead of repairing roads, they would rather use public resources to acquire rough terrain vehicles,” said Chamboko.

“Instead of making clean water available, they are using our resources to sink boreholes in their private homes. Instead of generating electricity for the nation, they are stealing from us to buy expensive generators for themselves. And yet they think all this is normal. It is not.”

The party noted that they will not rush into joining coalitions but will work on propagating their own agenda.

“While we will continue to explore and navigate ways of working with other like-minded pro-democracy aocates across the political divide, one thing we will not do is to rush blindly into coalitions of convenience.

“We shall take our time to assess and ascertain the motive behind these calls for unity. At the same time, we will continue to develop our own agenda, the people’s agenda.”

Source : New Zimbabwe