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The Agricultural Marketing Authority has established a grain producer registry that formalises and traces links between wheat and maize commercial farmers to international buyers.

In a statement, the Agricultural Marketing Authority (AMA) said the database would act as a guideline for the creation of grain produce markets for farmers who previously failed to access them.

“The Agricultural Marketing Authority is establishing a grain producer registry to assist the authority maintain a continuous record of all consistent farmers who produce maize for commercial purposes.

“This register will assist the authority to link these farmers to ready markets for their crop at any time during the marketing season. All such farmers who grow a minimum of 10 hectares and wish to be included in this registry are hereby invited to register with AMA,” read the statement.

The idea to establish a producer registry was borrowed from the Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board (TIMB) which acts as a conduit for farmers and buyers of the crop annually.

Source : The Herald