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There was a massive turnout at a show featuring two urban grooves stars, Trevor Dongo and Alexio Kawara, at Dandaro Inn on Friday. Dubbed “Back to Back” show, the two musicians proved that urban grooves is still a force to reckon if the attendance and performance they put up are anything to go by.

First to warm the stage was Trevor D, who started his act at around 10pm and managed to ignite the packed house with songs from his four albums including the recently released “Two Steps to Go”.

Songs that proved to be the people’s favourites are “Nerunako”, “Ndashamisika”, “Ruvarashe”, “Tivanyadzise”, “Handisi Kumira” and “African Girl” from his latest album.

Lovers could be seen in each other’s arms singing along to Trevor D’s irresistible love lyrics.

The “Ndashamisika” hitmaker left the stage around 1am to pave way for Alexio.

The afro-jazz crooner did not disappoint as he managed to keep the tempo with his love songs.

He first took people down memory lane with songs like “Musikana Akanaka” which saw fans joining the musician on stage.

The main highlight of the night was when Alexio was joined by Trevor D on the song “Shamwari” which was originally done by Alexio and Ngoni Kambarami.

Other songs he played are “Chibvukubvuku” and “Zvaa Zvinhu” from his upcoming album to be released anytime this year.

In an interview with The Herald Entertainment on the sidelines of their performances, both the musicians were over the moon with the way the crowd turned up and supported them.

“This is one of my best shows so far and I would like to thank God for this day. We managed to bring many people to Dandaro Inn and we never expected it.

“What I can say is that our fans must expect more show from us as our combination has proved to be magical,” said Trevor D, who is set to tour the UK at the end of April to promote his latest album.

“The turnout was just overwhelming and the support that we got shows that people like our act. They were actually singing along to almost every song we played and this means a lot to us as musicians. It shows our music is being appreciated,

“We are promising nothing but the best this year with an album to be released anytime from now, so watch this space,” said Alexio.

Source : The Herald