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It is entertainment galore at “Arcadia Easter Fun Fest” this Sunday featuring Harare’s top spinners as well as the best in old skool music. The showcase slated for Arcadia Sports Club starts at 11am until late with spinners among them Fat Cat, Goofa, Shannon aka Spin Kid, Warick aka Dante Rock, Russell, Leroy Green aka Kunnie as well as Zimbabwe’s foremost stuntman Kunnie.

Added to the “Burn Outs” will be non-stop music by old skool legends Kudzie “Mr Kool” Marudza and Witness “Chuman” Matema as well as DJ Shy, a member of League of Extraordinary DJs.

Fat Cat is one of the old guys in car spinning. It has been a decade since he started out with his BMW 3 Series. On the other hand his son, Spin Kid, is one of the new boys who are coming up a in a big way so when the two take to the tarmac it will be father against son.

In Zimbabwe, spinning of cars started in the 1980s when rear-wheel drive old Alfa Romeos, Datsuns and BMWs were spun in and around the Arcadia area on the streets.

One of the pioneers of this sport locally is one Fat Cat, who has been very involved with the motor industry for many years and specifically with the spinning and drag-racing for more than a decade.

In recent years, Spin Fests have taken this energy-packed sport and brought it into a closed and controlled environment where people could enjoy the spinning of cars without any risk of injury to spectators or drivers.

The whole purpose is to go around an enclosed track at high speed performing various stunts with the ultimate goal of ripping and blowing up the rear wheel tyres. A variety of stunts are performed with the most difficult one being the driver jumping out of his car and doing push-ups on the roof, or opening his bonnet and standing on the engine while the car is still spinning.

Source : The Herald