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Zimdancehall fans are in for a treat tonight when some of the country’s top chanters clash in the Harare Gardens for the much-anticipated “Carnival Zimdancehall Night” where Winky D will face-off with his nemesis Seh Calaz.

Winky D who is known as the “Ninja president” will square off with the “Mabhanditi” leader Seh Calaz for the first time at a show that promises nothing short of fireworks.

Those who follow Zimdancehall music will confess that the so-called “beef” started when Seh Calaz recorded his own version of “Mafira Kureva” in reply to Winky D’s chart topping single of the same name.

While Winky D displayed creativity on the song, Seh Calaz turned out to be more of a copycat riding on the popularity of fellow musicians.

However, that strategy worked in favour of Seh Calaz who was by then a nonentity. So the gig provides a proper setting filled with drama and emotion for a clash between the two performing artistes.

But there are other performing artistes on the line up outside the Winky D and Seh Calaz clash who are set to thrill the fans.

Dhadza D, Soul Jah Love, King Shaddy, Killer T, Kinna, Lady Squanda, and Shinsoman, are some of the top names who will grace the show.

There is a lot that other youngsters can learn from him and through his determination he has travelled far and wide taking his music beyond borders in the process bagging trophies and gongs.

Another artiste whose music is spreading like a veld fire is Soul Jah Love. There is no denying that the “Hauite Hauite” singer is talented.

Boasting a number of hits up his sleeves there is never a dull moment when he takes to the stage. Already, while some small-minded artistes are busy writing “diss” songs, Soul Jah Love has turned to gospel where he appreciates the love and mercy of the Lord.

If you listen to the songs “Ndini Uya Uya” and “Ndirikudhadhamuka” you will appreciate the positive messages which he is now singing. He has really come a long way and through the blessing of the Lord he has made it and probably is poised to achieve more in the future.

There is a world of difference between what Soul Jah Love is singing and what his contemporaries are singing.

Dhadza D who is also known as “Charger” for his high energy performances is a heavy hitter. He thrilled fans at the Harare International Festival of the Arts closing show with an amazing performance.

He is known for delivering flawless shows when he engages the crowd in an amazing fashion. Another force is Shinsoman who has wowed many at live shows. Like, others in the genre, Shinsoman has several hits to his name. However, he’s a charmer and a talented artiste.

Seh Calaz has a commanding voice which defies his stature and probably this is why he was in the past involved in fracas with other musicians. If only he knew how talented he is, he would know that there was no reason to have “beef” with anyone. Oddly enough, he likes to call himself “Mubhanditi” a very weird name for an artiste unless maybe he was inspired by Akon’s Convict Music.

Put together by Chipaz Promotions, the gig will once again expose Zimdancehall artistes to international audiences. The show is part of the broader programme of the Harare International Carnival.

Source : The Herald