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THE chairman of the National Federation of Zimbabwe Body-building and Fitness’ Judges Panel, Danny De Souza, says he will be considering up-and-coming personnel to handle the Mr and Ms Novice competition set for this Saturday in Harare.

De Souza said while the Mr and Ms Novice competition was a platform for unheralded athletes to showcase their physique, he believes inexperienced judges should also be groomed during the competition.

This year’s contest, for first timers on stage, will be held at Body Tech Gym on Saturday. “We are hoping to give fresh guys the task to handle this competition so that they learn. There is going to be a workshop for the new judges before the event so that they know what is expected of them.

“We have a sheet and they will be taken through what to expect and how to score points.

“Basically we are looking at people who have been in the sport for some time and have the enthusiasm to be judges,” said De Souza.

On Saturday, a chief judge, will be selected to handle the competition while five other people will also sit on the panel.

“The whole panel should have seven people, including a statistician. We will also observe how they will be doing their work and can aise them to change decisions if we feel that they are wrong. We have a pool of judges but would like to reserve the experienced people for top competition and those who do well at the Mr Novice will be assessed further,” said De Souza.

Outgoing Mr Novice, Gerald Mujuru, is set to hand over the crown on Saturday. Former Mr Zimbabwe Junior and now fitness trainer, Munashe Matandirotya, is expected to take some of the novices through the basics of the sport before the competition while world champion Victor Hungwe is scheduled to give a motivational speech.

Hungwe made history when he became the first Zimbabwean hulk to win a world body-building event when he won the 90kgs category at the World Amateur Physique Championship in Naples, Italy, in November last year.

Source : The Herald