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All is set for the “Unplugged Musical Festival”, which is to take place on March 29 at Gecko Gardens. The music extravaganza will see top Afro- fusion musicians such as Victor Kunonga, Cynthia Mare, Alexio Kawara among others rubbing shoulders with upcoming musicians for the event knitted for family fun.

Event organizers, Chiedza Danha and Ellinah Mutandwa said the event is to give exposure to upcoming musicians as well as strengthening family ties as the environment is suitable for the whole family.

“We have created a platform for upcoming musicians to showcase what they have to offer, performing alongside some of the big names in the country and it is a big opportunity for them.

“Not only is the monthly festival beneficial to the artists but we also believe the event creates a family bonding environment as the whole family can come and enjoy the music together in a safe, healthy and positive environment,” explained Chiedza.

The festival intends to bring together the whole family and loved ones to an environment where there will not be restricted by expensive up market refreshments hence revellers are encouraged to bring their own refreshments as well as blankets and chairs which is part of the theme as well as to make the event as homely as possibly can.

“The goal is to promote entertainment in a sophisticated and exclusive but relaxed environment infused with culture.

“Bringing a blanket or picnic chair, a bottle of wine or any refreshment is only to make the experience as fascinating as possible as well as allowing revellers to refresh themselves with their own tastes,” explained Ellinah who is also a hospitality and marketing specialist.

The Unplugged Music Festival takes place every last Saturday of each month as it aims to bring music lovers from all walks of life to a relaxed day time entertainment spot.

Under the “Love,Live,Music” banner, the forthcoming festival will be of a garden theme while preceding events have been under different themes such as the barnyard amongst others.

Source : The Herald

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