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OPPOSITION MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu has said it is no surprise that dismissed Zanu PF ministers continue to sing praises to a man who made them redundant, heaping the lot among millions of other jobless Zimbabweans.

President Robert Mugabe fired some 16 ministers along with former deputy Joice Mujuru citing incompetence as the official reason although the purge followed unsubstantiated allegations that the group was trying to illegally remove him from power.

Despite being publicly disgraced and accused of being a thief, Mujuru pledged her undying loyalty to Mugabe.

And apart from Didymus Mutasa who moans from India where he is tending his poorly wife, most of those dismissed with Mujuru continue to sing Mugabe’s praises.

Gutu said Mugabe and Zanu PF have perfected the art of patronage and hero-worshipping.

The fired ministers, he explained, were aware that they have to continue to feign loyalty or risk being ejected from the gravy train.

“All tyrants crave to be hero-worshipped and eulogised in ZANU PF merit counts for nothing. If you want to remain on the feeding table, you have to continue lavishing praise on the supreme leader in a cult kind of fashion,” he said.

“This is the main reason why all the fired ministers do not have the guts to openly speak their minds and declare their being sacked from office had absolutely nothing to do with them being incompetent andor inefficient but everything to do with Grace Mugabe’s insatiable appetite for political power and influence.”

The MDC-T spokesperson said the ministers were fired, not for incompetence as claimed by the cabinet secretary but simply because they were perceived by Mugabe’s wife Grace to be sympathetic to the Mujuru faction.

“Zanu PF has never been a conventional political party but a de facto Mafia organisation where the ruler is supreme and his word is law. Anyone perceived to be going against the ruler will be ruthlessly dealt with.”

In interviews with NewZimbabwe.com, two deputy minister sacked said they would forever be grateful to Mugabe for the chance to serve in his administration.

Former deputy health minister Dr Paul Chimedza said: “I’m happy and grateful to the President.

“I was the most privileged to serve for the year that I have served and to have been picked from all the Zanu PF Members of Parliament to be deputy minister.

“I’m sure I was not the only capable one there are many more people who had the capacity but I was blessed to be chosen at the time.”

Former deputy minister of Justice Legal and Parliamentary affairs Fortune Chasi also stuck to the same script, saying that he has no hard feelings against Mugabe.

“The firing was perfectly legal,” he said.

“The chief executive officer of the country is entitled to change his team from time to time on the basis of non-performance or he could simply want to refocus his team and I have got no hard feelings whatsoever.”

Source : New Zimbabwe