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Allan Chimbetu’s former backing vocalist, Sebastian Matanhire, has formed his own band, Orchestra Dendero Kings, and is currently in the studio working on his debut album “One Missed Call” to be released in August.

Matanhire said he was leaving Allan Chimbetu because he feels he has matured enough to form his own band.

“I am leaving Mukoma Allan because I feel I have grown in the music industry especially in the dendera type of music after I worked with Allan since he started his band Orchestra Dendera Kings (Central Committee) and I am sure I now have what it takes to be a band leader.”

He said there is no bad blood between him and Allan whom he hailed for being a talented choreographer and band leader.

“I am not leaving his band because of other issues besides the fact that I have grown in the music and I have learnt a lot from Mukoma Allan from his stage presentation, vocals and he even told me that the bass guitar is the key instrument in dendera so even when I am starting my own things he will remain my mentor,” he said.

Matanhire said he was going to be the first musician outside the Chimbetu family to go into dendera music.

“People identify dendera as music that is only played by the Chimbetu family but I am going to be the first to prove that though I am not from the Chimbetu clan, I have learnt a lot in the genre and will definitely make it big in the genre,” he said.

Source : The Herald