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Bretton Motors (Pvt) Ltd managing director Allen Chazura Mbazima, who is accused of swindling civil servants in a car import scam, failed to attend court last week as police held him for disorderly conduct at a restaurant at Harare’s Exhibition Park.

Mbazima allegedly defrauded 12 people of US$12 000 and was issued with a warrant of arrest on April 30 after he failed to appear in court on that day.

However, Harare magistrate Mr Musaiona Shortgame cancelled the warrant on Friday after establishing that Mbazima was at Milton Park Police Station for disorderly conduct at a public place.

Mr Shortgame remanded Mbazima – who is out of custody on US$100 bail – to May 16 for trial.

Bretton Motors and Mbazima are jointly charged for the alleged fraud. Prosecutor Mr Progress Maringamoyo told the court that Bretton Motors imports motor vehicles from Japan for resale locally.

Mr Maringamoyo alleged that in December 2011, Mbazima aertised in a local newspaper that he was running a scheme to assist civil servants to get used cars from Japan on a hire-purchase basis.

Acting on the misrepresentation, the 12 complainants (all civil servants) allegedly entered into agreements with Mbazima for purchase of the cars.

The court heard that the 12 deposited various amounts into Mbazima’s Barclays Bank Pearl House branch account (number 020441017723621).

It is alleged that the vehicles were supposed to be delivered within six weeks from date of proof of payment but no deliveries were made.

Instead, it is alleged, Mbazima closed his offices and became evasive, prompting the complainants to make a police report.

The complainants suffered alleged prejudice of US$12 212. Nothing was recovered.

Source : The Herald