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Singer Ammara Brown is slowly fitting into her father’s shoes if her recent performance at the Book Cafe is anything to believe. “Amabrown”, as her fans lovingly call her, gave a spirited performance reminiscent of the late Andy Brown that was full of energy and spark. It was a brilliant show where she performed before an appreciative crowd from different cultures and races.

Fans loved the energy and music by Amabrown who kept them on their feet throughout the evening.

She churned out hit after hit non-stop just like in the good old days when Andy or “Muzukuru” serenaded music lovers as some of Harare’s night spots such as Mushandirapamwe Hotel, Saratoga, Sandros, Tube, Skyline Motel or Hideout.

She performed songs that include “Mapurisa”, “Fiona” and “Tozarura Chimhandara” to which the crowd asked for an encore.

Amabrown did not waste time and she obliged and returned to stage looking all fired up.

“Please let’s protect girl child anywhere throughout the world because if you protect a girl child then you will have protected the whole world.

“I am giving you this track called ‘Mawere Kongonya’,” she said.

Hope Masike, Prudence Katomeni-Mbofana and Ruvimbo (Revent) Mapanda also performed.

Rapper Tehn Diamond, also shared the stage with Amabrown.

He hoever, acknowledged that female bands were coming of age and a force to reckon with.

Source : The Herald