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Rising star, Ammara Brown has set a double target for herself this year as she prepares to release her debut album, as well as commemorate her late father through the project affectionately dubbed Andy Brown Forever.

Ammara said she was going to use her youthful virility to go for the double that will see her paying tribute to her father, as well as releasing her long awaited original solo album.

Many of Ammara’s peers have grown to respect and appreciate the power of her song writing and production skills as well as her ability to consistently surprise her fans with powerful vocal ranges.

Examples have been demonstrated largely in pre-album collaborations with artists such as top hip hop producer Take Fizzo on the song “Higher”, Jah Prayzah on the single “Kure Kure” and most recently on “Passport Stamps” with Zeus, of Botswana.

Before the release of her debut album in September, Andy Brown Forever Concert that will include a selection of Zimbabwe’s most exciting artists, alongside Ammara will be held to honour her late father.

Her manager, Tsungi Zvobgo of New Sofala Entertainment said “So far much ground has been covered with regards to the Andy Brown Forever Concert. We are at an aanced stage, so it will be held this year. Andy Brown passed away two years ago and nothing had been done, until now, to celebrate his musical legacy.”

Ammara on the other hand says she has always been an Afro-Pop artist, but after the passing her father she found it challenging to maintain a vision of her own independent and authentic sound, while having to continue the legacy of Andy Brown’s distinctive works.

However since late 2012, Ammara and her sound have steadily gained the affection and support of a fast growing number of fans (Ammartians), both locally and internationally.

Locally she has garnered the attention of artists such as Oliver Mtukudzi, whom she supported at his Tribute concert in 2013, and she is now billed to support him, once again, in his upcoming Greatest Hits Concert, on April 17.

Jah Prayzah has also co-written, with Ammara, the current fly away hit “Kure Kure”, which has ridden high on the local charts since it’s release in January of this year. The the video is to be shot at the end of this month.

While she will be a supporting act at his much anticipated album launch (Kumumbura Mhute) next week.

In the past month she has also collaborated with Nigeria’s Dancehall prince, Orezi. The track “Lockdown” is due for release later this year.

Botswana’s, Hip Hop King, Zeus, and Ammara, are due to release the single “Passport Stamps”, in Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa, next week.

The video’s world premier will be on SABC 1’s show Big Up, in the beginning of May. Ammara said with regards to her new album, all was in place and just needed a few months to polish it.

“There are high expectations of me from my fans and I am working very hard to show them that I have created my own sound, both in composition and production.

This album represents three years worth of personal and artistic growth. Not only am I excited about this debut being individual in its sound, but I also hope that it will resonate with both my youthful and mature fans.”

She said the album will carry her crowd favourite songs such as More Sugar Daddy, Mafaro, Night of the Queen, as well as unreleased ballads, namely, “Next Lifetime” and “Ode to Mama”.

“I am yet to think of the name for the album but I believe inspiration will come, on how best to package this delicacy,” she said.

Her hopes are to go international, and play along celebrated musicians as she believes she is still young and has the energy.

By the sounds of it, she’s in the right direction.

Source : The Herald