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ZANU PF legislator Justice Mayor Wadyajena has joined MPs rejecting the widely condemned US$11 million Parliamentary vehicle loan scheme.

Transport minister Obert Mpofu – who has also access to another fleet as a member of the Cabinet – and several legislators have since taken delivery of the vehicles with some said to have since crashed theirs.

but Wadyajena, who represents Gokwe-Nembudziya said he would not accept the Ford Ranger off-road vehicles and dismissed the programme as a self-aggrandisement scheme for legislators.

He said the government-backed loan should, instead, have been used to finance the Constituency Development Fund (CDF).

Government established the CDF scheme to give legislators funds to carry out development programmes in their constituencies. However, the scheme has not been funded because of budgetary constraints.

“I have not taken delivery of that vehicle because in my constituency the roads are treacherous and a ford ranger would not be ideal judging from previous experience and the reason why I was elected is not self-enrichment but servant leadership,” Wadyajena said while addressing a Youth Forum conference last week.

“The people of my constituency are more concerned about me representing them in the august house than the privileges associated with that.”

The lawmaker was however at pains to extricate himself from the contentious government decision to award the “tender” for the vehicles to car dealer Croco Motors ahead of the struggling State-owned local car assembler Willowvale Mazda Motor Industries (WMMI).

Croco Motors is importing the vehicles and critics say giving the tender to WMMI would have helped secure local jobs.

“The committee on Indigenization does not award tenders. That can best be answered by the speaker of the house,” he said.

Youths argued that priority should have been given to a local carmaker to create jobs as part of government’s latest blue-print the Zimbabwe Agenda for Scio-sustainable Economic Transformation (ZimAsset).

When the scheme was announced, last month, Hurungwe West legislator Temba Mliswa rejected the vehicles and questioned the rationale for the scheme.

“We should have had options instead of a car. I would have liked to use my money to renovate a school or a clinic in my constituency. Cattle without ticks should not be taken to a dip tank. In fact, why MPs should with cars is offered cars?” Mliswa queried.

Remigeous Matangira, Zanu PF legislator for Bindura South has also hinted he does not need the vehicles either because “I already have cars that can serve me well”.

Source : New Zimbabwe