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ZANU-PF Harare Province Youth League district political commissar Moses Handiseni has been arrested on allegations of being part of the gang that extorted over $46 000 from eight housing co-operatives in Glen Norah on several occasions using the First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe’s name.

Handiseni is said to have connived with the party’s Harare Province youth chairman Godwin Gomwe and six other party officials, Muchineripi Mupindu alias Ginya (36), Fidelis Ndaradza alias Brigadier (32), Haruwandi Munyawiri alias Baya (46), Hamphrey Madenyika (29), Josephine Hadziindi (59) and Norah Toronga (38).

Handiseni yesterday appeared before magistrate Mr Tendai Mahwe charged with three counts of extortion involving $46 200.

He was granted $500 bail by the court, although the State led by Mrs Idah Mateke-Maromo had proposed $1 000.

However, his lawyers Mr Rungano Mahuni and Mr Tinashe Thomas argued that $1 000 was excessive considering that his alleged accomplices were granted $500 bail each by the High Court, prompting Mr Mahwe to rule in favour of the defence.

As part of his bail conditions, Handiseni was ordered not to visit the housing consortium offices, to report thrice a week to the police and not to interfere with witnesses and investigations until the matter is finalised.

According to the State, on February 11 housing co-operatives namely NRZ, Mudadirwa Zvobgo, Tenzi Tinzwei, Spring Field, Archgrace, Palmar Vision, Westgin, First Avenue, Green Image and Ingoni which are registered under the Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises were allocated 300 residential stands by the City of Harare.

On May 9, the gang, the court heard, hatched a plan to extort money from the beneficiaries of the stands using the First Lady’s name.

The suspects allegedly told the housing cooperatives members that the land they wanted to develop belonged to the First Lady Dr Grace Mugabe and demanded bribes so that they would continue with their operations without any interference.

It is the State’s case that Gomwe instructed the complainants to affiliate to an unregistered consortium named Dr Amai Grace Mugabe saying that they would not face any challenges before ordering each housing co-operative to pay $120 as joining fee.

The complainants are said to have complied out of fear and were issued with receipts inscribed “‘Amai Dr Grace Mugabe Housing Consortium”.

After paying the money, the complainants are said to have continued with their developments at the site but were later stopped by Handiseni who demanded more money.

Source : The Herald