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THE Annual National Sports Awards set for tomorrow will this year open doors to the corporate world with tables up for sale for those that want to attend the function scheduled for the Rainbow Towers. This year’s awards were delayed to pave way for the African Union Sports Council Region Five Under-20 Youth Games that were held in Bulawayo from December 5 to 14.

The Sports Commission acting director general, Daniel Kuwengwa, said the move to sell tables was meant to make the event fund itself.

Delta Corporation cut their sponsorship package from last year’s US$50 000 to US$30 000 this year.

“This year we are selling tables, in terms of food they (guests) are paying. This is for the first time, normally it’s for free.

“We are also reducing the number of guests from 500 to 350.

“The tables are going for US$500 for 10 people and for the national sporting associations it’s US$100 for 10 people, so it’s US$10 per head. Nominees they don’t pay, they just attend with their parents.

“For this year it’s not to raise money as such but it’s to have the event run for itself,” said Kuwengwa.

The corporates will in turn be allowed to bring in their banners and will also have the opportunity to interact with some of the country’s sporting icons and administrators.

Kuwengwa said they were done with most of the preparations for tomorrow’s event and Sport, Arts and Culture Minister, Andrew Langa, was likely to grace the occasion for a second consecutive year.

“The venue is in place, the athletes have been invited and all the other guests. The sponsorship money we have been expecting is in place, so everything is in place.

“In terms of our nominees Cara Black is unable to make it because she is on duty but all the other local athletes will be there.

“Scott Vincent, I don’t think he will make it too.

“For the guest of honour we have changed to Honourable Minister of Sport, Arts and Culture. As you are aware he is still in Bulawayo but he is most likely to be the guest of honour,” said Kuwengwa.

Kuwengwa said it’s unfortunate that over the years some of the nominees have failed to attend the awards because of various commitments.

“Unfortunately, as much as we might want them to come, there are two problems, lack of resources and we may have the resources but the athletes will be on duty.

“We have tried having those awards in March, hoping it will be free season, but it hasn’t worked although we were catering for everything” Kuwengwa said.

Black is the reigning Sportsperson of the Year and has made it again into the top three finalists for the Sportswoman of the Year category alongside long-distance runner Rutendo Nyahora and Yollander Mubaiwa from golf.

Boxer Charles Manyuchi comes in as the favourite to win the title this year after a fruitful year that saw him winning the World Boxing Council welterweight title in March in Lusaka, Zambia, when he beat Ghana’s Patrick Allotey.

Manyuchi went on to defend the title last month when he beat Colombian fighter Deivis Casseres in Zambia.

Manyuchi is running for the Sportsman of the Year award together with karateka Winston Nyanhete and golfer Vincent.

Black has also had a good year with her doubles partner Sania Mirza of India by winning the Portugal Open in May.

They then clinched the Pan Pacific Open Championship in Tokyo in September and the BNP Paribas WTA finals in Singapore in October.

Source : The Herald