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The Agricultural and Rural Development Authority is seeking more business opportunities and partnerships to boost investment and agricultural production on its estates. In a statement, the authority said it was looking for 51-49 percent joint venture arrangements on its 21 estates in the country which hold 98 000 hectares of arable land while 19 000 hectares has an irrigable capacity.

Of the 21 estates, only one in Chisumbanje is operating viably.

Arda Seeds said it was also keen to establish joint ventures with individuals and companies in the production of several seed crops.

“Arda Seeds invites interested persons, companies and individuals to partner with it in a viable commercial seed business of preferably a 51-49 percent joint venture arrangement in favour of Arda Seeds. Potential partners must be adequately capitalised to not only provide working capital but also capital investment,” read part of the statement.

Arda needs new capital injection to replace its outdated seed processing equipment, packaging equipment and to revamp its seed quality laboratory.

It also hopes to secure planting, spraying, harvesting machinery and marketing vehicles.

In addition, Arda said it need more capital to renovate buildings, seed storage facilities, guest-houses and staff houses.

The authority also needs assistance for irrigation infrastructure development at its 28 hectare research plot and support of out-grower seed production schemes ad other social responsibility investments.

Arda Seeds produces and markets a number of seed crops including maize, potatoes, wheat, sorghum, millets, soyabeans, sunflower, cow peas and ground nuts among others.

The authority was facing viability problems owing largely to lack of fresh capital injection at its under-utilised estates.

Source : The Herald