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Hello viewers (readers, I mean), hope you had an awesome weekend. Television is one of the greatest achievements of the 20th century. Today almost every family has a TV set and it has changed much since the time of its invention and so has its role. There have been numerous debates concerning the disaantages of having one television channel in a country.

When TV first appeared its main purpose was to give official information to people but somehow does it mean people are entitled to monotonous information or rather poor quality and sound?

I won’t dwell much on that as you already know what I am talking about.

We are especially interested in the month of June, not because of winter but we have been promised digitalisation.

Yes, the migration to digitalisation is set for June 17.

We are fast approaching the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) deadline for the migration from analogue broadcasting to digital terrestrial television (DTT).

But is Zimbabwe ready to meet this deadline and how is our ICT ministry so far responding?

Yes, for long we have been using the analogue technology for receiving the ZBC signal. The questions have gone beyond asking if our TV sets will be compliant which has been answered. But just in case you really do not know, then maybe it is safe to say that if you have an old set with a protruding back that is several years old then maybe you need to check if you will need to get the set-top boxes (STBs) gadget to make it work in the new era. The good part is that we are told that the migration will be gradual rather than abrupt which gives everyone time to get on board.

But the major question is what does this mean for local content? Will the room for more players mean that we will have better offerings or will we just have more of the same? Will we see new faces in the industry who are prepared to get the job done without giving us excuse after excuse? We certainly hope so.

On another note, on Sunday, I devoted myself to watch the full episode of the much hyped Club E show.

The show is being presented by Miss V Candy and Marc Mandisoul with fans asked to send their comments on the show via the social media platform.

With what I have watched, I would give the show a six out of 10 for the creativity, analysis and good production quality but it still lacks one or two things.

First, the presenters are okay, but they need to give me value for my money because I also have the E-Hollywood and VUZU channels on my DStv bouquet, meaning that the international news that they will be discussing or showing, I would have watched ages ago.

That just makes the whole thing so backward, imagine talking about the Billboard Music Awards that happened two weeks ago and Iggy Azalea scooping many awards currently the topical issue on the musician is about her engagement.

Even on the local scene that Schingy and Stunner story is stale so yesterday news. The Soul Jah Love debacle of beating fans could have been spiced up with titbits exclusive to the show instead of just telling us what is already in the public domain.

And the show seriously needs to define its viewership and connect more with the target audience. If it is aiming for upmarket watchers then it must move its pulse and not regurgitate. If it is aiming at lower end watchers then maybe it needs to redefine its con- tent.

Perhaps a word of aice would that local is lekker, give us more of a run of our celebrities, fashionistas, musicians, artistes and wannabes among others.

Kudos though for playing the latest videos and connecting us with our Zimbabwean-born model Nyasha Matonhodze, who is making it big in UK, on the ramp.

Again keep up the good work and I liked the set-up classy, elegant – a bit of swag although again didn’t understand the shoes connection.

Maybe a weekend diary guide would help liven up the news?

Having said all that I am pushed to state that this is the first show so far with such innovation and quality and the wardrobe and make-up are marvellous.

We hope the producers are aiming at Africa Magic packaging. They definitely have what it takes to make it.

Till next week, happy viewing.

Source : The Herald