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THREE armed robbers pounced at Great Zimbabwe University where they tied a security guard and proceeded to ransack a female hostel from which they made away with laptops and cellphones worth thousands of dollars.

Shocked female students who witnessed the incident told NewZimbabwe.com the robbery occurred Thursday night at Zimdef Campus near Masvingo Polytechic where female Faculty of Education and Natural Sciences students stay.

The robbers went on to tie the hands of the security guard whom they frogmarched to the female hostel whose occupants were deep in their sleep.

“They ordered him to instruct us to open our doors,” said one student, who preferred to remain anonymous.

“They used him because we are familiar with his voice and if it was someone else, we were not going to open.

“We opened the doors thinking that it was the security guard who wanted something, only to be taken aback by the sight of armed men.

“They entered three rooms and we were three girls in each room.”

The shocked students said they were all ordered by the suspects to lie flat on the floor as they ransacked their rooms.

“One of the robbers grabbed my roommate outside and I suspect he wanted to rape her but she screamed, forcing all of them to runaway,” she said.

University staff was later informed of the incident, leading to a report made at Rujeko police base.

Reached for comment, Masvingo police spokesperson Inspector Charity Mazula said she was not yet aware of the incident.

“It is not to my knowledge. I am going to check for you,” she said.

Source : New Zimbabwe