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ZIMBABWE National Army Commander Lieutenant-General Phillip Valerio Sibanda yesterday said national hero Brigadier-General John Zingoni showed unwavering commitment to the liberation struggle and motivated fellow freedom fighters.

Brig-Gen Zingoni died at Thornhill Airbase Private Hospital last Friday after a short illness and was declared a national hero. He was 60.

Lt-Gen Sibanda, who was speaking at a funeral parade for Brig-Gen Zingoni,described the national hero — whose Chimurenga name was Broker Chiwawa — as a loyal cadre who diligently served the army and nation.

“Throughout his life in the armed struggle, the late Brigadier-General demonstrated willingness and voluntary compliance with the plans and orders of his superiors. He exhibited unfailing devotion and commitment to the liberation cause, showing willing efforts to carry out the intent of the revolution to the best of his ability.

“The general officer persistently and consistently contributed significantly to the defeat of the Rhodesian Forces during the liberation struggle leading to the Independence of Zimbabwe.

“His resilience and enthusiasm during times of hardships and turbulence of the revolution, greatly motivated his fellow comrades and kept their minds focused on the liberation cause,” he said.

Lt-Gen Sibanda consoled the Zingoni family saying the entire nation was mourning with them.

“The nation has been robbed of a true cadre and a loyal comrade. To the Zingoni family, you have lost mwana, baba, munin’ina, mukoma, muzukuru. Friends and colleagues have equally been robbed and we in the Zimbabwe National Army have lost a soldier, someone whom we could trust to get a job done. We shall greatly miss him,” he said.

Brig-Gen Zingoni will buried at the National Heroes’ Acre today.

Source : The Herald