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Gallery Delta Foundation for Art and the Humanities has kick-started its calendar year of exhibitions with its traditional annual ‘Artists in the Stream’ the sixth edition. Popularly known as the ‘Annual Young Artists’ Exhibition’ for decades, the show marks the beginning of many young artists’ professional

careers. A journey that assigns one to nurture the eye to appreciate the beauties of nature, and exert the brain to recall a cultural heritage, full fathoms five deep with spiritual associations, a cultural heritage with unwritten rules about family and marriage, and the harmonious and conciliatory operation of society.

Once again the young minds from various pockets of the country responded with enthusiasm to the open call submission of artworks for selection for the early days show.

An accommodative 75 artworks varying from mixed media, sculpture, painting to graphics by 38 upcoming artists were put up for the Culture Fund of Zimbabwe Trust in partnership with the European Union sponsored exhibition which was officiated by Ms Susan Mutangadura, the chairperson of the Culture Fund Board of Trustees.

Generally the presented work was a mixed bag of representation and non-representational abstract of mostly developing techniques. A few exceptions were from the young practitioners who are not first timers for this particular show and have been in the field for a couple of years exhibiting elsewhere. Such artists include the new sensation Tatenda Takura who in 2014 was rewarded with two overall awards from national open-call exhibitions and competition which included the relaunched Zimbabwe Annual Exhibition of the National Gallery of Zimbabwe and the privately staged “In Celebration of 2014, the Chinese Year of the Horse”.

He has become synonymous for his exquisite mixed media sculptures with the wide use of remains of various degenerated shoe cut-ups. For this show he has ‘Lioness’ and ‘Trapped’ in which in the latter he portrays a crocodilian head with wide open jaws of death exposing enormous destructive teeth in form of various ladies’ high heeled stiletto shoes of colour.

Various men’s genuine leather shoe remains are strategically sewn or glued together rapping around and bringing form to the life sized head.

Another participant Johnson Zuze is a dynamic three dimensional mixed media artist renowned for his painstaking technique of caging haphazardly various found objects including liquor bottles by stripped electrical cables of sizes and tying wire which he also uses to firmly fix into his desired positions.

His works caused a stir at various exhibition spaces including the National Gallery of Zimbabwe where he was also rewarded with the ‘Young Artist of Promise’ award at the Zimbabwe Annual Exhibition.

He is showcasing ‘Go Fisherman Go’ which depicts a huge tough scaled fish with menacing jaws being dragged out of water hooked from a superior fish line of the fisherman.

Ngonidzashe Tsiga too an award winning young artist who mostly creates amazing constructions with various found objects is taking part with an acrylic painting on canvas titled ‘Music for my Gal’.

Other participants include Clive Mukucha, Kresiah Mukwazhi, Godfrey Makopa, Terrence Musekiwa, Sky Saranje, Option Nyahunzvi, TendaiMupita, Zandile Masuku, Chido Nyabinde, Marekera Tafirenyika, Patience Mugotcha, Calistas Ngadula, Evans Tinashe, Kudakwashe Musiyazwireyo, Silas Manyaya, Alfred Masunda, Kudzanai Mavhura, Webster Mubayirenyi to mention some.

Gallery Delta Foundation for Art and the Humanities continues to play pivotal role in the nurturing and promotion of Zimbabwe’s visual arts.

Helen Lieros one of Zimbabwe’s accomplished senior artist, Co founder of the Gallery as well as the organiser of the show said, “I feel this exhibition is one of the most interesting and stimulating of this young artists’ series that we have promoted. This gives me hope of continued aancement towards a creative future in Zimbabwean contemporary art”.

Source : The Herald