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Hip-hop sensation Ice Rockspin, real name Abdulkarim Abdulla, has recorded an album featuring several local musicians.

The eighth-track album called “Kedha Jones” features Anonzi Xander, Hakeem, Lady Squanda, Fab Johnson, Alvina Magaya and Briss Mbada among others.

Songs include “Unonyepa”, “Gone”, “Feeling Myself” , “Handikunyengerere” and “Tabloids”. Ice Rockspin penned most of the songs.

Ice Rockspin said he was happy with the [project and how different artistes collaborated with him on the project.

“‘Kedha Jones’ is a mixture of different artistes and culture. From hip-hop to Zimdancehall I have engaged them so that we accommodate everyone especially the youths because we did this with them in mind,” he said.

The artiste said was inspired by Stunner.

“To me Stunner together with his Tazoita Cash Records is a legend in Zimbabwean hip-hop. I urge rising local hip-hop artistes to follow his road of success,” he said

He said he had formed a Team Kedha comprising several local hip-hop artistes.

“We don’t want discrimination in our community as music is a universal language. Team Kedha is a platform to gather all talented artistes to make a difference in the Zim hip-hop community. We have the Zim dancehall and check how it is growing, developing because of their success story which they share. They are not discriminatory,” he said.

Ice Rockspin said he started singing hip-hop in 2008.

“It was in 2012 when my breakthrough came to light. I represented my country in Mozambique although it was hard for me because I had challenges getting shows as there were few promoters on the hip-hop side. I spent five years in Mozambique building bridges with their cultures and Zimbabwean hip-hop so as to speak same language,” he said.

He bemoaned lack of sponsorship and acceptance as a major setback in the industry.

“I wish all Zimbabwean hip-hop artistes to put their heads and hands together to form groups and go out there to represent Zim hip- hop in other African countries not to hate and diss each other or fight. Hip-hop is a culture in which all artistes should open up and support each other,” he said.

He said will be shooting videos for “Unonyepa” and “Only One” starting next week.

Source : The Herald