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Artistes are set to benefit from a new music website called “ZimArtists — the global village” that will help them market their music online.

The website which was created by Collen Magobeya, who is the director at Antique Productions was officially launched on Tuesday night at the Book Cafe.

The website is a platform to promote emerging and intermediate Zimbabwe musical acts by uploading filmed content of interviews and stage performances on www.zimartists.co.zw.

Magobeya said the idea came after realising how local artistes are lagging behind in technology.

“Over the years there have been little efforts done in marketing our musical products outside Zimbabwe with only the exception of a few yesteryear musicians who struggled to break-through the international arena.

“It is important for our artist to learn how to use the new media because it gives them a chance to enhance their current projects and makes it easier to interact with fans across the globe,” said Magobeya.

The ZimArtists project has so far profiled twenty artistes drawn from different music genres, their live performances, interviews and public appearances.

Some of the artistes include Clare Nyakujara, Cindy Munyavi, Cynthia Mare, BaShupi, Tariro neGitare, Tendai Manatsa and Gary Tight.

The website was officially launched by Deputy Minister of Information, Media and Broadcasting Services Deputy Honourable Supa Mandiwanzira who applauded Magobeya for the good initiative.

“We appreciate this good work as a ministry because we support music and want it to go international. Once online everyone has to see what our local artistes are doing and online media is the only way left for us,” he said.

Mandiwanzira urged artistes and the corporate sector to embrace this project.

“Many more artistes should be involved in this platform and female artistes are doing well in the arts industry. Many musicians became stars in their own right through the use of the internet.

“It’s a shame that Collen got financial support from afar when we have beverage companies who are benefiting more from the arts sector.

“Beverage companies please do invest in such platforms like these and give us that little amount to support them because we want to be able to buy their music online,” he said.

Source : The Herald