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As the curtain came down on Harare International Festival of the Arts yesterday local exhibitors who took part in the fete had a chance to shine as they exhibited works that uphold our cultural values. The artists had a time to showcase their works interacting with people and creating contacts as well as exchanging our cultural values with foreigners who graced the event.

For years now a number of local artists have benefited as the festival gives them time to sell their products as musicians perform to their fans on different stages.

Visual artist Titus Nyaude is one of those who have benefited from this year’s edition of the festival.

He does not carve sculptures for decoration but for home use.

“With stone you can do anything. We decorate our houses but these things must be used as kitchen utensils,” he said.

There are bowels, small plates and dishes that can be used in homes at the same time enhancing decoration that women usually put in their kitchens.

“We always work to do our best so that when people come to this festival they have something to take home. We also strive to keep the Zimbabwean flag flying high with our works,” he said.

Nyaude draws his inspiration from women and he believes they are important in everyone’s life.

“Women are very important in our day-to-day lives and there is need to appreciate what God has done to them,” he said.

Women performing duties constitute most of his works and he operates from Chitungwiza’s Unit O.

Born in 1950, Nyaude is one of the artists who are still going g despite their aancedage.

“I love my work because at this age I cannot go back into an office for work but I can teach young artists how to live through art,” he said.

He believes the economic sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by the West have affected the growth of arts industry in Zimbabwe.

“If we had no sanctions, things would have been better for the past five years but now we are affected by the sanctions and for time now we have not yet seen an upward trend in the visual arts for some time now,” said Nyaude.

The sculptor, however, encouraged young sculptors to make their own creations so that Zimbabwe’s stone work goes to a higher level.

“They should work hard so that we keep our works in demand every time. They should not be worried much about making money constantly but they must take a business approach when doing their work,” he said.

His courage and love for work should inspire upcoming artistes as they are instrumental in changing the society and up-keeping our cultural values.

Source : The Herald