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Masvingo provincial Culture Week celebrations will be officially launched today at Gutu United Primary school. Artists from the province have expressed willingness to uphold our culture through their various arts products.

Knowledge of the arts is of paramount importance as they say as it also helps in the building and development of the nations, and leads to awareness especially among the youths of our heritage as well as our rich past.

Asimita Bokosho from Masvingo Craft Centre believes it is worth to celebrate culture week as it provides a platform for the youth to get the knowledge of our past.

“There is no way we can go without revisiting our history and these young ones need to know that we are guided by our culture,” she said.

She is earning a living from selling sculptures and several cultural costumes for traditional dance in schools and for the general public as well.

Bokosho has a gallery with several cultural goods that include traditional beads, clay pots and sculptures.

Another artist Tongogarepi Mkwena said the nation must keep upholding the cultural values.

“We sell these sculptures here and you can tell how foreigners admire our culture.

“The foreigners buy most of our stuff and there is every reason for us to celebrate and market our culture, at the same time upholding our cultural values,” said Mukwena.

Wilson Jiri believes most of the problems we are facing today come as a result of modernisation.

“We have to live according our culture and if you try to trace most of marital and many other social problems we are facing today come as a result of diverting from our culture to modernity,” he said.

For fine artist Polite Munyanyi the week is important since it comes when the discourse about empowerment is taking centre stage in the country.

“It is important to note that President Robert Mugabe is fighting for empowerment and there is need for us to support that as artists and this week is of great value to us as we work towards empowerment,” she said.

Lydia Ndoro said there was need for the Ministry of Sport, Arts and Culture to work in making sure that the youth get enough tutorials on culture.

“As artist we should work to assist the new ministry in making sure the children get enough education about our culture through our works,” she said.

Source : The Herald