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Rejuvenated music ensemble, Assegai Crew will be returning on the limelight as they launch their latest album titled “Tauyahe” (The Come Back) tomorrow at the Book Cafe.

The outfit that hails from the mountains of the eastern province of Zimbabwe is set to deliver their unique rhythms and rhymes of Manicaland.

The crew has recorded their fourth album which carries six tracks and is set to reclaim the spot that had been left vacant following the band’s previous setbacks.

The launch is supported by the Harare-based arts development organisation Pamberi Trust.

First formed in 1991 in Mutare, original members of Assegai Crew included the late Stobart Chidikano, Herbert Keyara, Silas Makumbe, Totichii Makureya, Brian Nhanhanga, Brian Chiriga, Robert Chagora and Mike Moyo.

In their infant stages, Assegai Crew became popular for their expert delivery of covers from many genres, but soon began composing their own music, a fusion of ragga and Afro-pop with lyrics in Manyika which they branded “Ragga Manyika”.

In 1997 Assegai Crew released their first album titled “Zvese Mari” which carried the hit song “Amaibhoyi” popularly known as “Kanyama Karipi” in 1997.

The song went viral on all local radio stations, reaching number one, on the then Radio 3’s ‘Top 20’.

This signalled the presence of a formidable ensemble on the local music arena.

The band went on to release a second album entitled “Nyarara” in 1998, and “Mabororo Disaster” in 2002.

In the ensuing years a lot happened shaking the group but surviving and founding member of the original Crew, Silas Makumbe remained put to give the new members guidance.

Now it has to be seen if the group can reclaim their past glory and rock the clubs like they used to do in their heydays.

Source : The Herald