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Three members of Assitej Zimbabwe are set to take part in this year’s edition of African Youth Theatre and Drama festival scheduled for Cape Town from June 21 to 28.

The three, two of them students at Mhuriimwe High School in Highfield, are Rutendo Rean Dhambuza, Weta Fungai Chatongoza and Bruce Munashe Masenda, who is set to enrol for university.

In an interview with The Herald Entertainment, Assitej Zimbabwe chairman Wellington Masenda said the festival is in preparation for 2017 Assitej World Congress in South Africa.

“South Africa won the bid to host the Assitej World Congress in May 2017, so this festival is in preparation for this prestigious event,” he said.

He said the three together with other children from other countries which are members of Assitej World are set to take part in different plays.

“They will be doing African script reading, rehearsing and performing in different plays with various youths from across Africa,” he said.

Meanwhile, Masenda said they are also organising a theatre festival for both primary and secondary schools in the country so that schoolchildren will be nurtured for theatre from an early age.

“We are organising a national festival for primary and secondary school children and we are targeting at least 8 000 schools so that they will become members of Assitej Zimbabwe.

“Our main aim is to reach out to children while they are still in early childhood educational care such that they will be groomed in theatre. When these children grow up, they grow up knowing their fields,” he said.

Assitej was established in 1965 as a global alliance linking thousands of theatres, organisations and individuals working in the field of theatre for children and young people.

ACYTA (African Children and Youth Theatre Arena) is an African regional network linking all the Assitej centres situated in Africa. The initial efforts to establish a network of Assitej centres in Africa were made by Assitej Zimbabwe (also known as Zimbabwe Association of Theatre for Children and Young People (ZATCYP), which, in June 1999, hosted what was then called Southern African Theatre for Children and Young People Conference.

Source : The Herald