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A Mutoko woman last week told a Harare Civil court magistrate that her aunt was sleeping with her husband in her matrimonial bedroom. Nelia Tambara of Chikukwa Village was seeking a protection order against her husband Celectal whom she was accusing of breaching her peace.

“My husband is now in love with my aunt and the two have the guts to sleep together on our matrimonial bed in my presence,” she said.

Tambara told the magistrate Mr Trevor Nyatsanza that she got married to Celectal in 1991 and they have four children together.

“He is in the habit of teaming up with my aunt to physically and verbally abuse me calling me a prostitute. Ever since my husband started being intimate with my aunt, he stopped supporting me financially,” said Tambara.

Tambara claimed Celectal was now selling their household effects and spending the money with her aunt.

Celectal admitted to sleeping with Tambara’s aunt.

“Her aunt is my wife because I paid lobola for her,” he said.

He, however, refuted the verbal and physical aggression allegations.

Mr Nyatsanza granted the order in Tambara’s favour which barred Celectal from physically or verbally abusing her and bars him from chasing her from their matrimonial home.

Source : The Herald