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Musician Ba Shupi (real name Peace Ndlovu)has landed on a purple patch after being chosen as brand ambassador for the Zvandiri National Aocacy. The inauguration of Ba Shupi will take place tomorrow at 2pm at Africaid’s Zvandiri House in Avondale.

In support of the Ministry of Health and Child Care’s commitment to ensuring access to HIV testing and counselling, treatment, care and support for children and adolescents with HIV, the Zvandiri National Aocacy team will be launching its new campaign “Get Access”.

Ba Shupi’s endorsement will see him help the organization disseminate awareness information through the campaign.

He will be working together with Zvandiri children and adolescents, helping them to reach out to other young people, endorsing their campaign and assisting them in sharing their message across the country.

The Zvandiri National Aocacy Team is a team of HIV positive adolescents who want to raise awareness amongst their peers of HIV services available for them in Zimbabwe.

Through the Ministry of Public Services, Labour and Social Welfare’s National Action Plan for O.V.C and its Child Protection Fund, the Zvandiri Aocacy Team aims to help other children and adolescents in different communities to understand that HIV testing and counselling services, treatment, care and support are available and how to access these with their caregivers.

Source : The Herald