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Today we reproduce chats between Baba Jukwa (Mxolisi Ncube) and Sahwira waBaba Jukwa (Mkhululi Chimoio) between May 24 and June 11. In the exchange below, the two were planning social media projects to smear Professor Jonathan Moyo and other people. The typos are theirs.

Friday, May 24, 2013 – 4.26PM

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Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: Sahwi. How are you?

Baba Jukwa: shap how are u???

Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: What you informed me yesterday about putting together Dare Rechimurenga.

Baba Jukwa: Yes we doing that and we now on phase two do u want to be included in it

Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: Yes. I am in as always. Ungasiwe Sahwi sei? But tell me more about it.

Baba Jukwa: Ok great you are in, will tell you more after our next meeting

Wednesday, May 29, 2013 – 6:01 PM

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Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: Sahwi

Baba Jukwa: Ola

Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: How are you?

Baba Jukwa: trying push our thing, i have taken to international level, we now in media in america and britain. we are going far

Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: Yes and its great news. Kudos Sahwi. I think we need to maximize the website presence in case facebook acts up and also followers need to be reminded that Sahwi is always there in case Facebook acts up on your site. People should not think that Sahwi is a copycat but should know he is a team member.

Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: I sent you an email. Check

Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: Shap. I will put the story with picture and give you the link

Baba Jukwa: In Harare, Ex President of Ethiopia Mengistu lives in the lap of luxury in the Gunhill suburb, with 24-hour security from the police VIP protection unit and the CIO at the Zimbabwean taxpayers’ expense. The Mugabe government has allocated Mengistu two large farms, one in Mazowe and another in Norton. Mengistu owns a separate home in Bluffhill. He drives at least six luxury cars, including a Mercedes Benz, a Toyota Prado, a Toyota Avensis, a BMW and a twin-cab truck. Mengistu enjoys a special fuel scheme from the state’s National Oil Company of Zimbabwe for personal use and for his farms, and his vehicles are serviced free of charge at the central mechanical equipment department. add that

Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: Thanks.

Baba Jukwa: Shap

Thursday, May 30, 2013 – 5:34 PM

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Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: Hi

Baba Jukwa: hey

Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: Bhora mberi. No turning back.

Baba Jukwa: great chief and there is an CIO behaving funny and want to force him to donate then we expose him

Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: Good. Let him do it and we expose him. How are the donations so far?

Baba Jukwa: not gud at all zimbos are fools they dnt appreciate good things just imagine 30 dollars so far

Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: Don’t worry. I sacrificied my money for this struggle to start the website. I believe in rooting out evil Sahwi. Asijiki!!.

Monday, June 3, 2013 – 9:31 PM

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Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: I am back Sahwi. Sorry ndakuregerera mumwe wangu


Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: we are together Sahwi. This is our revolution. It’s a people’s revolution. Working on a report on Jonathan Moyo. Who gave the Professorship title etc. He is a fraud.

Baba Jukwa: Wow das great lets expose him, and can u get his nambaz

Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: I will try.

Baba Jukwa: shap

Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: Yeah. We will get to him. Let’s continue with the on slaught Baba Jukwa: shap

Thursday, June 6, 2013 – 3:52 PM

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Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: Ndeipi Sahwi. Long time no hear

Baba Jukwa: hey how are u

Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: I am fine Sahwi

Baba Jukwa: great we thank God. can u e-mail m the Pokelloe sex video, do u have it

Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: Indeed. No. I had not bothered to look for it. I think it can be accessed

Baba Jukwa: AM trying but failing to get it

Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: Let me get into it. I will let you know. Do you think we should continue with the website now that you have a column ku Zimbabwean?

Baba Jukwa: Yes we should keep continuing chife because that column aims at helping people in rural areas who don’t have access to internet hey think out of the box

Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: We will continue in the post continue to direct followers to the website. I can make sure that everyone of your posts is also on the website. You can put a closing line with the website address

They cancelled SADC summit

Baba Jukwa: ok great idea chief wil do dat alwaz

Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: The column is a great idea. I will give you my input if you need it.

Baba Jukwa: why was SADC summit cancelled

Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: ZANU PF wanted to declare an election date and then have SADC endorse. So ZANU PF is bitter about the ramifications of this summit if held as is.

Baba Jukwa: sad and they wil cry this tym

Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: Let us rally people on ‘ No reform, No Election mantra. Its sweet and easy sloganeering Yes. They. You are doing a great job Sahwi.

I am making an administrator on Sahwira waBaba Jukwa page so that if anything happens to your page and I am offline you continue to post.

You still there Sahwi?


Shap do that chief

also gv m log on details

Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: Yes.

Sahwira waBaba Jukwa: Password: Nickelpaper123.

Also point to followers to keep an eye on Sahwira waBaba Jukwa page and like the page

Baba Jukwa: OK GREAT

Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: I will keep an eye on the post you are writing for the website.

Baba Jukwa: shap, gv m web link nw here

Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: http:zimbabwean-at-heart.com

Hold on that. That is the admin link.

http:zimbabwean-at-heart.com. It’s OK as is. Checked

Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: Ndadzoka Sahwi. Still check for that videos. Sent SOS out

Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: I posted latest on website.

Good job Sahwi

Baba Jukwa: shap chief

Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: Shap. Bhora mberi. We will bring them down bit by bit. You saw Jonathan. Lets focus on him and Psychology. They are the brains

Baba Jukwa: yes lets take them out

can u gv jonathan moyo namba again

Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: Sure. Let me get it for you.

Jonathan Moyo’s cell number. 0772 47***1

Baba Jukwa: Great

Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: shap Sahwie

Baba Jukwa: great

Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: shap Sahwie

Baba Jukwa: great

Tuesday, June 11, 2013 -3:16 PM

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Sahwira WaBaba Jukwa: Let me know when you are online

Source : The Herald